HPP Management Group, Corp. the titled-holder of Health Plans Path, Corp (HPP) and also the developers of the AccuChecker Product Line is a group of healthcare consultants servicing physicians and payers since 1983.

The HPP consultants have contributed to healthcare providers in many ways:

  • The Management Group has represented physicians in over 500 Medicare and Medicaid audits of overpayment assessments and has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. The knowledge acquired in the audits served as the basis to develop the AccuChecker Product Line.

  • Our team has conducted practice evaluations resulting in the implementation of successful solutions and businesses expansions as well as creating plans of corrections whenever needed.

  • Our consultants have presented coding and reimbursement seminars to physicians practices across the nation and have conducted workshop on claims adjudications and claims scrubbing techniques to payers, TPAs, MSO and IPA organizations.

  • The Health Plans Path, Corp. (HPP) division has been involved for the last ten (10) years in managing Medicare and Medicaid HMO Risk Management Operations.

  • During the last twenty (20) years the HPP team has been developing the AccuChecker Product Line – coding and reimbursement solutions to everyone dealing in preparation and submission of healthcare claims to the ones adjudicating and paying claims for the medical services rendered to patients.

  • Now the HPP Management Group is moving into the new frontier in healthcare reimbursement the Pay-for-Performance (P4P) alternative, the new way how healthcare providers receive their compensation where HEDIS, PQRS and other reporting measures systems become intrinsic modules of our software reimbursement applications.

Today the AccuChecker Product Line is recognized as:

“The Complete Tool for Medical Reimbursement”


HPP Management Group, Corp.

Developers of the AccuChecker Product Line

Phone: (786) 574-4560

Email: sales@accuchecker.com

Website: http://www.accuchecker.com