Experience, confidentiality, the right team plus proven software

Since 1983 we have been helping physicians to operate practices as a business, over 500 Medicare and Medicaid audits have given us the knowledge to develop the AccuChecker Product Line including Claims Scrubbers and for the 10 years we have been involved in HMOs Risk Management and have developed the MCAR Reports – Managed Care Reports.

Today we can handle claims file of professional services and perform Forensic Analysis, detect problems and formulate solutions. Experience, confidentiality, the right team plus proven claims scrubbing capabilities make us eligible to analyze any volume of medical claims with decisive results -Government, Commercial & HMOs.

Also we can assist IPAs, MSOs and large PCP practices that have Risk Operations for them we developed the MCAR Reports – Managed Care Reports a complete set of management reports that give complete awareness over what is happening with every HMO Plan that our clients are involved with in risk operations. Our services range from just producing MCAR Reports to extending our services assisting our clients in managing risk.

All of the above are our credentials to perform Consulting Services to:

  •           Organizations that have a need of Forensic Analysis of claims.
  •           Payers that would like to hire our team to find solutions to coding, pricing and implementing adjudication techniques the can produce savings, improve compliance, contribute to process clean claims and eliminate costly billing errors.
  •           IPAs, MSOs and PCPs practices with Risk Agreements that can take advantage of our software applications including MCAR Reports, improving MRA ratings and reporting HEDIS measures. Our consultants can assist in managing Risk Operations.


HPP Management Group, Corp.

Developers of the AccuChecker Product Line

Phone: (786) 574-4560