Experience, confidentiality, the right team plus proven software

The HPP Management Group has represented physicians in over 500 Medicare and Medicaid audits of overpayment assessments, has participated in more than 50 A L J hearings and has recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

The knowledge acquired in the audits served as the basis to develop the AccuChecker Product Line, so we developed proven software that enables us to maximize recovery amounts from Audits.

Our success is measured on key factors we treat each AUDIT with a unique approach:

  •           Working directly with the audited physician and the key staff.
  •           Our forensic analysis experience permits us to view and closely analyze each transaction denied or reduced
  •                in reimbursement by the carrier.
  •           The forensic analysis includes implementing software scrubbing claims techniques that allow us to follow Medicare
  •                and Medicaid reimbursement guidelines and to prepare undisputable rebuttals to the Carriers’ decisions
  •           Preparing a detailed rebuttal to each denial or reduction in reimbursement
  •           Compiling a summary rebuttal report that includes all transactions affected

We have assisted many physicians affected with Prepayment Review situations with Medicare and Medicaid. The Prepayment Review - a lengthy and painful process, that requires continuous scrutiny and follow up. We have been able to successfully correct every Prepayment Review with patience and creating a team effort with the medical practice.

We limit our practice handling Medicare and Medicaid AUDITS as well as Prepayment Review Cycles to overpayment assessments from Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance carriers. We have represented cases with overpayments assessment from small amounts to over one (1) million dollars.

We recognize that there are cases that present legal issues that transcend the normal overpayment assessment or prepayment review cycle, in cases of that nature we refer the case to a healthcare care law firm that have the experience needed to assist our clients, limiting our services to what we do well – AUDITS of Overpayment Assessments.


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