AccuChecker OnLine

Since 2000 subscribers across the nation use it!

AccuChecker OnLine is an Internet database subscription service with procedures, diagnoses (ICD-9 and ICD-10) Medicare fee schedules using RBRVS tables and coding techniques.

AccuChecker OnLine is updated periodically.

AccuChecker OnLine is easy to use, a quick online demonstration and in minutes you can start using the system. It is just that simple!.

Hundreds of daily users can vouch for AccuChecker OnLine flexibility and ease of operation. The information found in AccuChecker OnLine is used to make reimbursement decisions in thousands of healthcare claims every year and what is most amazing - the cost of AccuChecker OnLine starts only at a fraction of a dollar per day.

AccuChecker Online is used by physicians’ offices, billing services, case managers and medical schools, HMOs, MSOs, IPAs, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and payers.

FREE HOTLINE Support: One distinct advantage that AccuChecker OnLine users have is FREE HOTLINE Support – subscribers can send emails to our consulting staff with questions about reimbursement, coding and compliance.

SOON AGAIN - FREE ACCULIBRARY: For several years we published the AccuLibrary containing up-to-date information about important topics related to healthcare reimbursement issues and guidelines as well as other topics concerning trends in the industry like Pay-for-Performance and new business methodologies.

AccuChecker OnLine has ICD-10-CM a state-of-the-art application designed with the most advanced searching and retrieving techniques in the computer industry, it is fast, comprehensive and easy to use.

But our programming team went the extra mile the ICD-10-CM version of AccuChecker OnLine contains the '2-IN-ONE' approach:

  • You can use our ICD-10-CM version to operate ICD-9-CM, which means that the staff in the office will be proficient using the ICD10 application while using ICD9, so whenever ICD10 is approved by Congress to start your staff masters the new coding system.

AccuChecker OnLine is available in different versions to meet the needs of our wide range of users from a primary care practice that needs only limited coding to complex claims adjudication operations that require massive tables of information found in AccuChecker Online essential to make reimbursement decisions reaching millions of dollars every year.

AccuChecker OnLine BASIC

The AccuChecker OnLine BASIC is the ideal tool for the practice that demands limited coding but that can take advantage of AccuChecker OnLine comprehensive state-of-the art ICD-10-CM system and FREE-HOTLINE support. The AccuChecker OnLine BASIC cost less than 50 cents a day.

The AccuChecker OnLine BASIC is an Internet service with:

  • Procedures – CPT, Category II and HCPCS codes.
  • Diagnoses codes (ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM).

The annual subscription for AccuChecker OnLine BASIC is $199

AccuChecker OnLine CLASSIC

AccuChecker OnLine Classic has been the only AccuChecker OnLine version since 2000 hundreds users from across the nation use the CLASSIC and renew their subscriptions every year, we are most grateful for their support and loyalty.

The AccuChecker OnLine CLASSIC is designed for medical practices that require coding techniques and pricing services.

  • Fast, accurate, easy-to-use Coding and Pricing Techniques for less than $1.00 a day.

The AccuChecker OnLine CLASSIC is a comprehensive database with:

  • Procedures – CPT, Category II and HCPCS codes.
  • Diagnoses codes (ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM).
  • Converter of ICD9 to ICD10.
  • Medicare fee schedules including OPPS rates in radiology. Coding techniques like:
  • Coding techniques like:
  •      Corrective Coding Initiative (CCI)
  •      Medical Necessity – procedures matching diagnoses
  •      Medicare’s LCD and NCD
  •      Surgical modifiers outlining coding guidelines
  •      Global period for surgical services

AccuChecker OnLine CLASSIC is available in two (2) versions:

  • State Version - Fee Schedules for the State ONLY
  • National Version - Fee Schedules for the entire nation –for each zip code

The annual subscription for AccuChecker OnLine CLASSIC:

  • State Version: $299.00
  • National Version: $399.00

Accuchecker OnLine Premium

The AccuChecker OnLine Premium is perhaps the ultimate source of reimbursement databases assembled in the healthcare industry for professional services.

The ideal reference database for users dealing with claims adjudication, forensic analysis of claims, case management, healthcare consultants, hospitals’ professional coding and managed care decisions.

Who uses the AccuChecker OnLine Supreme?

  • Payers, IPAs, MSOs, HMOs, TPAs, Case Managers, Consultants, reimbursement specialist dealing with forensic analysis of claims, claims adjusters, hospital medical records coders and healthcare consultants.

The AccuChecker OnLine Premium our elite databases assembly with:

  • Procedures – CPT, Category II and HCPCS codes.
  • HCPCS including medical and therapy services, diagnostic procedures, J codes, DME, orthotics and supplies.
  • Listing of most commonly used tables of information: POS, numeric and HCPCS modifiers, revenue codes, NDC product file definitions, etc.
  • Diagnoses codes (ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS).
  • Converter of ICD9 to ICD10.
  • Medicare fee schedules including OPPS rates in radiology.
  • Coding techniques like:
  •      Corrective Coding Initiative (CCI)
  •      Medical Necessity - procedures matching diagnoses.
  •      Medicare’s LCD and NCD.
  •      Surgical modifiers outlining coding guidelines.
  •      Global period for surgical services.
  • NDC products listing.
  • FDA Listing of Authorized Generic Drugs.
  • Generic equivalents for many commonly prescribedrand-name medications.

The annual subscription for AccuChecker OnLine SUPREME is $999

AccuChecker OnLine & P4P

The HPP-AccuChecker Management Team is moving into the new frontier in healthcare reimbursement the Pay-for-Performance (P4P) alternative, the new way how healthcare providers receive their compensation, where HEDIS, PQRS and other reporting systems become intrinsic modules of our software reimbursement applications.

We are committed to keep our customer base ahead of the game and to assist our clients in maximizing the compensation that they deserve for their efforts.

Pay-for-Performance works

  • We find that in practices participating in Pay-for-Performance activities, physicians and managing staff show excitement about reporting HEDIS and PQRS measures for two simple reasons they receive compensation from Medicare and Managed Care Plans for enforcing Pay-for-Performance measures and also for improving the quality of care of their patients. Consequently, such actions produce a dramatic impact in achieving cost containment.
  • We have also witnessed that HMO plans with of 4.0 of higher STAR RATINGS are the ones compensating their PCPs handsomely and the PCPs reciprocate to the plans with vigor and enthusiasm. A win win alternative.

Each software module displays pertinent material and measures so physicians’ practices can easily review and manage every measure due for reporting, also in addition:

  • The system allows practices to summarize measures due for reporting by selecting groups of patients with specific criteria like insurance carrier, line of business (Medicare, Medicaid or Commercial) patients’ age, sex and/or diagnosis codes.
  • If the user can produce from their practice management system an EXCEL table with the entire panel per plan then the software module displays or prints per patient per plan what measures are due for reporting for each patient in the selected insurance panel.

Both software modules help medical practices to manage and control reporting HEDIS and PQRS modules.

The annual subscription for each P4P software module is less than $10 per month:

  • ACK HEDIS MODULE: $100.00
  • ACK PQRS MODULE: $100.00


HPP Management Group, Corp.

Developers of the AccuChecker Product Line

Phone: (786) 574-4560